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"I get the facts ... I study them patiently ... I apply imagination."
Bernard Baruch (1870-1965), legendary financier & adviser to U.S. presidents

PennyGold is powerful software that will turn you into a self-reliant, successful penny stock investor.

Split from the frenzied, desperate investing crowd ... be three steps ahead of them. Accumulate stock in tiny, undervalued, undiscovered companies. Cash in when the masses suddenly want the stock you are holding.

No need to look to anyone for "hot tips" ... they are the sure road to penny stock ruin. Succeed by blazing your own trail ... become a shrewd, savvy speculator ... make your own highly profitable investment decisions.

PennyGold shows you exactly how ... AND it gives you all the tools, everything you need, to go out and do it ... immediately.

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I Can Show You How to ...

  • buy 20,000 shares for $2,551 ... sell two months later for $11,005;

  • acquire 104,500 shares for $6,320 ... sell eight months later for $20,139;

  • purchase 168,000 shares for $10,084 ... sell one year later for $45,614.

These are actual trades. Here are the confirmation reports. As you will see a little later on, these trades are the rule, not the exception.

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Is PennyGold Right for You?

#1 Do you have at least $1,000 that you would like to double or triple, over and over again?

#2 Is your money now earning returns like the trades above?

#3 Do you have any experience in investments?

If you answered "YES" to #1 and "NO" to #2, PennyGold could change your investing life ... forever.

What about #3? The answer to that one doesn't matter. PennyGold will show you everything that you need to know.

PennyGold Track Record

Having started with $5,000, I have earned $154,503 (before commissions) while using PennyGold strategies as a less-than-part-time hobby. It has generated an annual compound rate of return of 108.3%.

After commissions, it has yielded $131,142 (85.2% return).

I expect that "The Nugget-Picking Rule" will more than double these annual returns to an incredible 242.0% (before commissions), 203.9% (after) ... more than triple-your-investment per year, compounded.

"What about the "losers?" Well, there is not much to tell. Out of 25 PennyGold trades, there have been only three.

Want proof about the Nugget-Picking Rule? Click here for complete documentation of all 328 transactions.

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Imagine If You Knew the
Secrets of the Successful Speculator

Now you will.

Here are just a few of PennyGold's powerful secrets:

 exactly how to "buy low and sell high" ... over and over again;

 when and where to safely take a big bite out of the tremendous upside of penny stocks;

 the 4 HardLine Rules ... your success is guaranteed if you hold to the HardLine.

You'll get the entire PennyGold InfoTool, laid out for you step by fool-proof step:

 how to find penny stocks with the very best risk/reward ratios;

 how to reach the president of your chosen company, and why s/he will talk to you;

 key questions to ask the prez before deciding to invest;

 critical points to check before even talking to the prez -- come to the conversation "armed" with this info;

 how to evaluate his/her answers and REALLY know what's happening;

 other ways to thoroughly check out the company and all of its key players;

 how to use the regulatory agencies to lower your risk even further;

 how to place your orders in these delicate penny markets.

Best of all, the technology built into the PennyGold InfoTool analyzes your penny stocks' data. Its logic algorithms use a unique strategy to generate a complete report and a final "investing-score" for each stock.

You'll "work smart, not hard":

 no need to endlessly pore over P&L's, balance sheets, geological reports, etc.;

 use the World Wide Web to turbo-boost the power of PennyGold;

 incredibly time-efficient, PennyGold needs less than 15 minutes out of your busy day;

 at last, you are going to be the one with the edge. Why?
To make serious money, you have to "get in" before everyone else. With PennyGold, you do exactly that. Quietly find your own high potential penny stocks ... then buy ... then hold for as long as it takes.

And what a thrill when they go!

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Low Time Requirement, Great Rewards

You're thinking, "C'mon, it must take months to master PennyGold. And I'll have to spend hours every day in research to make it work."

Not at all. PennyGold is so simple that you'll pick it up in a few hours. And the ***basic idea*** is so timeless that you will use your newfound skills for decades to come.

What's the best news? PennyGold takes less than 15 minutes per day of your time.

In fact, during 1996 I had been so busy with other matters that I hardly had time for my penny mining stocks. Then suddenly, out of the blue, I closed another winner in January, 1997 ($18,187 profit).

And you know what? That was my only trade during 1997.

By Nov-Dec/96, the junior mining market was seriously "overbought". Prices were just too high. My PennyGold strategy simply couldn't find any more high-potential, low-risk, "oversold" little stocks.

PennyGold Keeps You Out of Money-Losers, Too!

Well, if PennyGold can't find stocks that "fit the bill," just stay out and wait! That's what I did during 1997 ... no point in buying stocks that have been way overvalued by a mob of over-excited amateur speculators.

I decided to wait for the next cycle. I knew that sooner or later the market would overreact just as severely on the downside ... it always does.

I decided to get ready (for the next cycle) with a full-blown penny stock computer program. So I started to write "the ultimate penny stock application" for myself. I wanted a program that would:

  • help me find high-potential, "bargain-basement" penny mining stocks;
  • make gathering data on those companies a snap;
  • guide me so that I would not overlook any important factors;
  • analyze and report on data, even provide me with a "PennyGold score";
  • increase my efficiency by allowing me to effortlessly track 10 times as many companies via the Web.

Of course, I didn't know that I would have the opportunity to use the PennyGold software so soon...

When the Bre-X fiasco stunned the mining world in the first quarter of 1997, it was clear that it would be a terrible year for the juniors... Then the price of gold hit the skids... Then a few more penny mining stock scandals.

The collapse of the junior markets proceeded like a runaway train down a steep mountain. Everyone was panicking out of the pennies with the same crazed excitement that they had been buying just the year before.

PennyGold Meets the Web

As the junior markets unravelled during 1997, we developed the PennyGold strategy into "the ultimate penny mining stock software" -- exactly the tool that I had originally envisioned.

Actually, it's better! You see, we made a discovery while preparing PennyGold. I call it "The Nugget-Picking Rule," and I believe it will double PennyGold's already high rates of return ... while lowering your risk. Click here for proof.

Somewhere along the way, the Internet trapped me in its Web. The idea of starting a "digital business," one where I could build a direct relationship with fellow junior mining enthusiasts, excited me. That's when I decided that PennyGold would meet the World Wide Web.

Which is when the concept of the InfoTool was born.

Public beta-testing during October, 1997 (by full-paying consumers) was short and sweet. Feedback was positive and the few flaws were quickly fixed.

PennyGold went into "General Release" on November 11, 1997.

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And Now ... It's Time to Get Back In!

At the end of 1996, my PennyGold strategy couldn't find a single "overkilled" stock. But now, even the old-timers tell me that they have never seen such a terribly oversold, depressed market!

There's no doubt about it. The current penny mining market is a once-in-a-generation opportunity (click here to see the proof). There are so many terrific little "dead-looking" nuggets, I hardly know where to start!

(Click here for an update since the previous paragraph was written.)

And here's the bottom line. Markets always turn around ... usually for some unforseeable reason ... some bolt out of the blue.

And those cagey old mining promoters always figure a new angle ... if it's not gold, they'll look for (and promote) diamonds in Zaire ... or platinum in British Columbia ... or silver in Utah. It's the story that's important, not the metal.

I am not married to gold ... I AM married to "greed then grief" stocks. So yes, oil and gas ... platinum ... diamonds ... in short, TREASURE ... anything that can generate the "greed then grief" cycle.

So I'm back in the market, using my own PennyGold software, sooner than I would have thought possible. Unbelievable profits are there for the taking, and will be for quite a while ... if you know what you're doing.

And this time we are going to use the PennyGold InfoTool, "The Nugget-Picking Rule," and the World Wide Web to zoom profits to record levels.

PennyGold is ready to show you exactly how to succeed at penny stocks and to give you all the tools you need to go out and do it.

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"Why would he want to share this?"

If I were you, I'd be asking myself, "If PennyGold really works, why is he willing to share it? Why not keep it to himself?"

Great questions!  Let's find out ...

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