How Do You Know This is "For Real"?

The World Wide Web is a faceless environment. Basically, anyone can say anything and get away with it. So, the information transmitted through the Web is of no value unless YOU can validate it ... unless YOU have a way to judge the information for yourself.

Which means that it's up to me to prove to you that PennyGold and I are real ... and "for real." How?

  • By giving you a tool for checking every single PennyGold trade ever made.
  • By providing YOU (on this page) with a list of "real people," REACHABLE people, associates who know me and experts who know PennyGold. When was the last time you saw testimonials with full names and telphone numbers & e-mail addresses? I can do this only because every word of this Web site is true.
  • By furnishing unsolicited feedback about PennyGold itself from the people who count the most ... those who own and use it! You will find these comments scattered throughout this Web site in pull-down menu boxes.

Finally, we are members in good standing of the Montreal chapter of the BETTER BUSINES BUREAU, an internationally respected, non-profit consumer protection organization. Please call them at 514-286-1236 and inquire about us ... GoodBytes Information Products Inc.

What Experts Say about PennyGold

Bob Carrier, VP at a Canadian stock brokerage firm, and who has executed every single PennyGold trade, right from Day 1 (514-499-2103, e-mail):

What Ken has done with PennyGold has been absolutely amazing. It's totally unique. Not one of my other accounts has seen anywhere near Ken's percent returns. The most incredible thing? He never follows any of the major markets. Don't even ask him what the price of gold is. I'd be surprised if, on average, he even spends 15 minutes per day on his penny stocks. But the money he makes with his system is astounding.

Danny Cavanagh, trader on the floor of the Montreal Stock Exchange (514-871-8802): Danny's seen it all "on the floor."

You know, I've always wished that I could subscribe to next year's Northern Miner newspaper. Well, with PennyGold, it's just like that -- it's like having a crystal ball that enables you to buy low and sell high. PennyGold is so amazingly simple, anyone can master it. And it's so obvious, I can't believe that I've never thought of it. And I can't believe Ken is making this available, at any price.

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What Others Say about Dr. Ken Evoy

Jim Vandette, golf professional (450-424-2350):

Ken is an amazing person. He loves to teach. He has improved every aspect of my golf game since we started working together. He approaches things from a completely different angle, a blend of common-sense and science, that no one else seems to see. I won a big-money tournament last year, my first, and there's no way I would have done that without him. He loves to help others succeed.

Tony Kwan, owner and president of Pointsder (011-8522-389-6689, e-mail):

Ten years ago, I was a struggling toy manufacturer. Ken and I became friends through the toy business. Ken loves to help people. I can honestly say that if I had never met him, I would not be where I am today. And my company, Pointsder, would not be a $200,000,000 success story that makes toys for such companies as Fisher-Price and Mattel.

Well, if you've reached this point, you are interested in PennyGold ... and rightly so. Time to answer a real down-to-earth, practical question ...

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