"Yes! What Do I Get?"

You receive the PennyGold InfoTool, which consists of all the information AND the tools necessary to convert you into a tough-minded, independent, successful speculator. This includes:

 The digital "book" -- It reveals all the secrets ... the entire process, step by fool-proof step. The book puts the "Info" into "InfoTool."
Here are the details and two screenshots of the PennyGold book.

 The software "tools" -- Just enter the data, then stand back as PennyGold generates a complete report and bar chart score. The software puts the "Tool" into "InfoTool."
Here are the details and two screenshots of the PennyGold software.

Armed with the Info and the Tools, YOU are the one with the knowledge AND the power to make inspired, money-making moves.

In short, you become the predator, not the prey.

Verify that your computer meets PennyGold's minimal requirements.

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Membership in the PGPers Club

The password-protected PennyGold Practitioners Club is the center of the PennyGold community. As a purchaser, you become a member.

Here are just a few benefits of the Club:

  • The PennyGold Research Room -- This is the PGPers' "digital library." It's filled with links to the very best penny stock data sites from the entire World Wide Web. It fires you all over the Web as you collect the data needed to make a smart decision.

    PGPers use the Research Room to...

    • Build lists of high-potential stocks.
    • Get the data PennyGold needs.
    • All simply by clicking!
    • All totally for free!

  • The PGPer Digest -- We send this newsletter to PGPers every two weeks. It's jammed with new techniques, great ideas, and valuable information that keeps PennyGold and its owners on the cutting edge. Everyone just keeps getting better and better at using PennyGold and the World Wide Web to maximize profits.

  • The PennyGold E-zines (Update, RealTime Monthly, RealTime Weekly) -- more on these invaluable electronic publications a bit later.

  • "PGPer Finds" -- PGPers trade files of their favorite companies with other PGPers through the Club (details below*).

* Let's say you find an exciting company. After you buy all the stock you want, you may want to share that company with other PGPers. So "export" it (by the click of a button) to a small, data-only file. Post the file to the PGPers Club. Other PGPers will download and import it into their own copy of Pennygold (which is required to analyze and report on the meaning of your data).

In short, we're creating a PennyGold community ... dedicated to making money by investing smartly in junior mining companies.

You Also Get a Whole New Brain!

You're going to see things much differently than you have up to now. Develop the ability to take the "30,000 foot view," to see the big picture.

Discover the key info that you need to extract from the presidents of these companies. Even more important, know how to interpret their answers.

Become realistic (almost cynical) in your dealings with promoters and heads of companies. Act profitably on that mind set. You'll USE what few people use when it comes to penny stocks -- common sense and a knowledge of human behavior.

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If you have not reviewed the basic concept of PennyGold yet, now would be a good time to do so.

While PennyGold's principles are timeless and can be applied by anyone, at anytime, they may not be right for you. Here's why ...

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