The PennyGold Concept

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The PennyGold InfoTool focuses on penny mining stocks, specifically companies involved in exploration for gold, diamonds, platinum, oil, silver and other "sizzle" commodities.

"Treasure-hunting companies" have always struck investors' get-rich-quick imaginations. This excitement causes over-reactions on both the upside and downside.

To put it bluntly ... PennyGold capitalizes on the recurring "greed-then-grief" over-reaction of "get-rich-quick" amateur penny mining stock speculators. The cycles are so PREDICTABLE, it's amazing (click this link to see).

And the best news of all?... Penny mining stocks are at the bottom of another cycle, right now.

In a sense, I provide a service for these amateur penny stock players. When they are in the midst of despondency, wanting to sell their stock at almost any price, I am there to buy it. Later, when they want to buy that same stock, again at almost any price, I sell it to them.

First Step: PennyGold sifts through hundreds of penny mining stocks to find those that have been killed by investor OVER-REACTION on the downside. These are the ultimate, ultra-low cap penny stocks.

History has proven that these stocks have the largest upside potential. But they are also the closest to actually dying and "falling off the board" altogether. Which brings us to the second step.

Second Step: PennyGold helps you sort out which stocks will live to rise again, AND which ones to eliminate ... the truly dead companies. This most important step significantly reduces the high risks normally associated with penny stocks.

Third and Final Step: PennyGold directs you to more information on the best of the "Step 2 survivors." Of the hundreds of stocks from Step 1, you identify only those two or three with the most explosive upside potential.

PennyGold will show you how to buy these stocks ... and how to sell them. And selling for a profit is the easiest part of the whole process.

Armed with the PennyGold InfoTool, you become the informed, smart, cold-blooded professional in a game that is filled with amateur penny stock players, all of whom are uninformed and ruled by "get-rich-quick" greed and "lose-it-all" grief.

To put it in a nutshell, you "get in" before even the insiders know that they want to "move a stock." You "get out" when the amateurs are in a buying frenzy. By staying above, and capitalizing upon, the herd movements of the "greed-then-grief" crowd, you make money.

It's worked for me for so well and for so long, that I know it will work for you. That's why I guarantee it.

Remember, 97% of all people who "play" penny stocks LOSE. When 97% "feed" 3%, the 3% make big money.

Don't be a player. Choose to make money instead... arm yourself with PennyGold.


Where does PennyGold stand right now? Click here for update.

What about non-mining penny stocks? Please see the FAQ.

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