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Before proceeding, please read and promise to abide by the following:

A Very Exclusive Club

PennyGold depends on finding and exploiting small, thinly traded stocks. If too many people effectively use PennyGold, their prices will rise, making it harder to find great values, and reducing the amazing returns.

So ... to keep PennyGold powerful, WE (you AND I) have to restrict it to a small number of people. Here's how:

  • 1. YOU promise not to divulge the information contained in PennyGold to anyone, nor to allow anyone to use it.
  • 2. I promise to sell only 1,000 copies of PennyGold. The price increases as the sales volume builds (i.e., the fewer copies left, the greater the price).
    (A unique serial number between 1 and 1,000 appears on each copy ... my way of guaranteeing that I am limiting sales to 1,000 units.)

In this digital age, it would be easy to transmit the PennyGold information to others. This hurts everyone who purchases PennyGold.

That's why we have to think of PennyGold as a small, exclusive club -- there's just no room for anyone else if WE want to make money.

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Knowledge is Power ... Unless Everyone Has It!

So it's extremely important that you agree and promise that:

  • you will use PennyGold ONLY for your own personal investment account and that you will never use it for any other purpose;
  • you will never disclose PennyGold, or any of the information contained in it, to any third party.

I trust most people to honor their promise. But I know that a few would break their word and try to redistribute PennyGold widely.

So, to protect your investment in PennyGold, each digital copy is electronically tagged with your name and serial number. Each PennyGold owner is responsible for keeping his copy of PennyGold confidential.

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Make This Promise to Yourself,
to the Other 999 PennyGold Purchasers, and to Me

I am serious about keeping a tight lid on PennyGold. I do not intend to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. So if you are NOT serious about keeping PennyGold confidential, don't advance to the final page of this Web site, the Order Page.

If you fully understand and agree with the disclosure, guarantee and confidentiality statements, read and click the next paragraph to indicate your agreement.

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I agree with the Disclaimer.
I agree and promise to keep PennyGold totally confidential,
even if I invoke your TEN-times-your-money guarantee.
Please advance me directly to the Order Page.

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