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Investing in companies that explore for treasure (gold, diamonds, etc.) has a sizzle unmatched by any other kind of investment. It's exciting. It's fun. Best of all, if you know what you're doing, you really CAN make money at it.

It's a lot like a giant poker game ... except that you get to play in a game where most players are, to put it simply, either dumb or terribly misinformed ... or both! That's right. You get to play against habitual losers.

You see, 97% of all penny mining stock investors aren't "investors" at all ... they're "get-rich-quick" players. They run the gamut from the truly UNinformed who depend upon hunches, newsletters, and brokers' advice ... to the hard-working and intelligent people who don't even realize that they are part of the 97%. What about these "smart losers?"

They read the Northern Miner, they participate in Silicon Investor, and some even call the presidents of companies. But they all get sucked into "the story."

Here's the problem -- they have knowledge that they are supposed to have, at the time when they are supposed to have it. They "get in" when the stock is hot (and expensive!), and they sell after it all falls apart. Bottom line? Not only do they lose a lot of time by trying to keep on top of it all, they lose money, too!

Of course, since the 97% are buying high and selling low, there must be a money-making 3% who are selling high (to the 97%, in the midst of their greed) and who are buying low (from the 97%, in the midst of their panic and grief). And there is!

Who are these 3%? Insiders mostly ... and a small number of smart, aggressive, hard-edged "outsiders" who capitalize upon the "greed-then-grief" psychology that rules these treasure-seeking stocks.

Penny mining stocks fluctuate wildly year after year ... with incredible regularity. The cycles are so PREDICTABLE, it's amazing (click this link to see).

These gigantic fluctuations are fueled by the amateurs' "greed-then-grief" over-reaction. When they hear a great story (and every good stock promotion has a great, "believable" story), they buy too much, causing the stock to soar. When the stock crashes, they sell out of fear, disgust and grief. The stock plunges even further.

PennyGold doesn't cause these reactions ... it merely capitalizes upon them.

There's absolutely no doubt that there's a lot of money to be made ... IF you know what you're doing. If you don't, you're doomed to buy high and sell low, over and over again.

PGOLD XPRESS is a FREE monthly newsletter about penny mining stocks.

Sharp, original articles about penny mining stocks show you the "ins and outs" of this fascinating and exciting investment arena. Totally original, you will not read this information anywhere else.

PGOLD XPRESS will help you "keep your head when all about you are losing theirs." You will recognize and avoid scams, promotions, frauds ... all the hype. It will keep YOU from getting sucked into such outrageous frauds as Bre-X (click here for the Bre-X story -- its lessons are important). You will be a better investor for it.
(P.S. If you think you're too smart to get fooled, I can tell you that thousands of extremely sophisticated investors and funds were fooled by Bre-X ... along with the widows and orphans.)

PGOLD XPRESS is NOT a "tips" or recommendations newsletter. Tips just don't work, especially not penny mining stock tips... they are often just a paid-for part of the promotion! Even when they are honest recommendations (and how do you really know?), by the time you get the tip, you rarely get it at the recommended price... but the author and all his insider friends always do! So who do you think makes the money?

Please note: While PGOLD XPRESS WILL make you a better penny stock investor and while it WILL keep you from becoming part of the 97% who lose money, it won't bring you into the fold of the 3% who win at penny mining stocks. Only PennyGold gives you the Info and the Tools to consistently make money at penny mining stocks.

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