The Who & Why of PennyGold

My name is Ken Evoy. I live in Hudson Heights, Quebec, Canada, with my wife and two daughters. Since my name is not "Warren Buffett," I have to tell you a little about myself so that you can:

  • be confident about what I am offering to you;
  • check me out even more thoroughly, if you like;
  • understand "why" I am making PennyGold available to you at this time.

There are lots of links (on this and the next page) for you to check me and PennyGold out completely. You can verify the info below through local Montreal newspapers, radio or TV stations.

Because let's face it. The Web is so anonymous that anyone can pretend to be anything and get away with it. But you have not come here for vague, hyped-up, non-verifiable claims.

No, if you've clicked to this page, it means that you are interested in PennyGold.

But you want some cold, hard proof that I am real, that PennyGold is real, and that it really works. Proof that you can double-check for yourself.

So let's get started.

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Background Highlights

I graduated from Loyola High School (tel: 514-486-1101) with a 92% average, and completed my McGill University undergrad studies (Honors Anatomy) with a 4.0 GPA.

In 1975, I entered McGill University medical school. I graduated in 1979, and later taught and practiced emergency medicine at a McGill University teaching hospital.

In 1985, I started a business inventing and licensing toys and games. The toy business has made us millions of dollars and has generated a lot of media coverage. Here are articles from Canada's two largest newspapers, Toronto's The Globe & Mail  and The Montreal Gazette.

In 1993, I took up golf and this became a passion. My analytical abilities are my best strength ... and I applied them full-force to the golf swing.

In early 1996, I started to give lessons to one of Canada's touring golf pros, Jimmy Vandette. My most exciting moment in sports came in the summer of 1996 when he won his first tournament and publicly gave me the credit! He was the most improved player on the tour in 1996.

An Investing System for "The Rest of Us"

I started to analyze "investing" during the mid-80's. For the first time, I was a slow learner.

It took me six years to realize that there was no way a part-time amateur could beat thousands of sophisticated professionals who spend their lives on this. The "big guys" are just too far ahead of us.

Don't fool yourself ... the Wall Street Journal and Barron's make for good reading. But don't invest based on what you read. The pros know all this stuff way before you and I do (by the way, they call us "retail" -- what does that tell you?).

Newsletters don't work. They're passive ... you just receive recommendations. But, of course, so do thousands of other subscribers! That's why the best opportunities are gone by the time YOU get them.

Nuts! Relegated to mutual funds. But I still wanted to be able to "kill" this investing game. I realized that I would have to develop a specialized "niche" skill ... one that would allow me to beat the returns of even those slicked-back Wall Streeters.

Go Where the "Dumb Money" Is!

Because I was way too time-squeezed already, it would have to be a "low-maintenance" system ... one that wouldn't require long hours of research ... one that would set me apart from the thousands and thousands of people who compete their brains out trying to be smarter than the next person.

And then, one day ...    ... what if I could find "inefficient stocks"? Stocks that are too small for the "big boys" ... stocks played almost strictly by amateurs (some would say "suckers") ...

Stocks where psychology rules, where the market gets over-excited on the upside and over-depressed on the downside. Stocks where I only have to out-think others, and not "out-know" them.

Well, that is exactly what I found. "Out-think" them is exactly what I did ... and what I continue to do. What started as a humorous, cynical, and insanely simple experiment is now a fabulously successful system.

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The $150,000 Experiment

In late 1992, I decided to set aside $5,000 in my wife's retirement savings plan and give this "too good to be true" idea a full test ... a real run for its money.

Net result? In a little over 5 years, that $5,000 has grown by over $150,000! (Needless to say, my wife is pretty pleased with "the little experiment.")

It was simple ... it was cold-blooded, devoid of emotions ... it worked like clockwork ... and best of all, it took very little of my time.

My only regret? I'm only sorry that I didn't have the time to devote more than a few minutes a day to it.


I call it PennyGold, because I FEEL
every time I make an incredible profit!


Why I Am Revealing These Secrets to You

For each new field of endeavor, I don't hesitate to pay thousands of dollars for advanced information/training/equipment (tens of thousands for golf and medicine). I research, study and practice long, long hours.

Now that I've perfected PennyGold, I would normally keep if for myself.

But a bigger idea excites me now ... like nothing ever before ... use the World Wide Web to share a unique and powerful high-tech instructional concept, the InfoTool.

InfoTools not only SHOW you how to make money in a highly specialized and "do-able" area, they also give you all the TOOLS to go out and do it ... immediately.

The beauty of the Web, of course, is that I can control the quality of each InfoTool. I don't release a product until it's perfect ... I don't need to. But most importantly...

I can establish relationships directly with motivated individuals ... people who truly wish to succeed. And I can follow-up directly to see how they are doing. No retailers. No middlemen. No pushy salespeople selling stuff that the customer doesn't really need.

No doubt about it ... the Internet will radically change every facet of how we live and learn in the decade to come. And I want to be part of that.

That's why I've started GoodByte$ Information Products Inc.

E-mail GoodByte$ if you would like to receive notification when we launch each new InfoTool (type "NOTIFY" in the subject, no body text necessary). Don't worry -- your address will be used strictly for this purpose.

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So ... Why Now??

GoodByte$ is a startup company. It has to launch with its best foot forward ... that's why I am sharing my PennyGold strategy and software now.

PennyGold is easy ... "do-able" by anyone ... requires very little of your time ... and is deadly effective. In short, it's the perfect InfoTool.

Still a little skeptical? How do you know this is all for real? Well, why don't we see what other people are saying ...

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