Download Win32s1.30c

Click here to download Win32s1.30c.

It's about 3 megabytes. Go have lunch while it arrives.

Once you have downloaded it, de-compress it into "Disk 1" and "Disk 2" and "Disk 3".

Then follow these installation instructions:

1) Open the 386 Enhanced control panel (see graphic below) and change the virtual memory type to "Permanent."

2) Make sure the swap file size is at least 20480 KB.

3) Select "Use 32-Bit Disk Access" and "Use 32-Bit File Access," IF AVAILABLE.

4) If any changes were made to the control panel when doing the above, restart Windows before installing Win32s.

5) Install Win32s. Open the Win32s Disk 1 (that you downloaded and decompressed at the start of this page). In the Program Manager, choose "Run" from the File menu and type "a:\SETUP.EXE" from the Program Manager. Follow the Win32s setup instructions.

6) When the Win32s installation is complete, the Freecell Setup dialog box appears. Install the game Freecell, provided by Microsoft, because it helps verify that the Win32s software has been installed correctly.

7) Restart your machine before installing PennyGold.

If you have any problems, check the Microsoft site for installation details (find it through their search page).